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Sorry about the talking fish. The bodies of water around here (Hudson River and the Long Island Sound) flank the most populated (and effluent…er…affluent) area in America and we’re still paying for the general environmental disregard of the past. A lot of work has been done…And the water is pretty damn nice (Kayaking on the sound happens to me one of my favorite pastimes) but I find it odd that we still pump treated sewage into our waters – and when there are storms, some untreated stuff gets released in there too – Yes it’s cleaner sewage than it used to be but…Yikes. There are also tons of PCBs in the sediment left over from the industrial dumping era, also known as the mid-to-late Twentieth Century. Consequently, there are all sorts of advisories about the dangers of eating the fish. It’s not just us though. It should also be noted that the fish themselves are still practicing their usual callous disregard for waste management and have yet to implement a comprehensive plan for reducing their own raw waste disposal levels into the water.

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