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I actually didn’t mean to pick on Congressional Republicans again today…I had several so-so ideas on the drawing board last night regarding the auto bailout, and State finances…But this one worked best. And I do think they are on the wrong side of this particular issue. So it was “bombs away” as they say.

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6 Responses to “Crumbling”

  1. Jon Katze

    Mr. Davies,

    I’ve put a reference to your fine cartoon on my Flickr site:


    Please advise, if you object.

    Jon Katze

  2. bob-the-builder

    Hey Matt,

    Do you realize that they still have your Feb. 5 cartoon on the “Main Page?” Geez, I know you had a cold, but that kind of treatment is similar to neglect. Try moving away from attacking the Republicans, they are no longer in control of the Congress…take a deep breath….wail a big marker recklessly, get over it…get a gun and take some target practice lessons, :) its one of your rights

  3. Sean

    Republicans NEED to be picked on, and the mainstream media sure as hell doesn’t hold them accountable- ever. So someone has to point out the truth. Republicans created all the problems we’re facing today, along with a few like-minded conservative democrats; war, disastrous economic meltdown, climate crisis, no accountability (corporate or political), addiction to fossil fuels, etc, etc. Pick away Matt Davies!

  4. Matt Davies

    B-T-B thanks for the heads up on the home page. And the rest of your comment is duly and respectfully noted…Now if only I could get that @#*%! “Bob The Builder” theme tune out of my head…

  5. marina dog

    Who has been in charge of spending the money for congress for most of the years from 1930 on. That would be the Demorats.

  6. Sean

    Marina- I suggest you read up on the facts. And while we had a GIGANTIC surplus coming out of the Clinton era (for the record, I don’t like a lot of the conservative things Clinton did) we have an even more GIGANTIC deficit coming out of he Bush era, who practiced typical republican policy. The same thing happens after every republican presidency. Reagan screwed us, that’s where things really took root and led us to where we are today.

    The spending the democrats did way back when helped dig us out the the Great Depression, helped build a huge middle class in this country, etc.

    Why republicans consistently vote against their best interests amazes me (because all these nattering nabobs online can’t be millionaires).

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