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Thought readers of my blog might be interested in an irritating habit that NBC commentator David Gregory has picked up. Apparently he has started mentioning editorial cartoons on Meet The Press, which is fine – except he fails to credit the cartoonists, which strikes me as overwhelmingly unprofessional. And instead of “oh man, we just liked the cartoons – sorry we’ll insert the artists names into David’s teleprompter from now on,” NBC’s official comment is “no comment”
I remember when Sam Donaldson mentioned a few of  my cartoons on air some years ago, and he went to great lengths to ensure I was credited. I bumped into him at an event we were both attending and I was able to thank him for the attribution. He said  (and I’m paraphrasing because it was a few years ago) “I’m a big fan and am happy to be able to share you with the viewers.” Classy guy, who needs to call David Gregory and NBC to explain what that means.

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