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Sweeping Statements



This entry was posted on Friday, April 16th, 2010 at 7:53 am by Matt Davies. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed.
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35 Responses to “Sweeping Statements”

  1. Josh

    Brilliant. ‘nuff said.

  2. School violence, public employees and tax day | Opinion Exchange

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  3. Bulldog

    You’re against cutting taxes too Matt? You should make another cartoon like this showing Rockland Lake State Park after a weekend in the summer when the city dwellers come up
    and destroy the park. They leave their garbage eveywhere
    just like these signs on the ground.

  4. Artisan33

    My old man used to drive us out of the Bronx up to Blue Mountain on the weekends (near Peekskill) to swim & picnic. We generally cleaned up after ourselves. Now I live there.

    I find Rockland to be an ill-maintained, dumpy-looking place.My gut feeling, is that its a negative zeitgeist over there in general.

    John Adams, Paul Revere and the rest were the first annoying T-partiers. If only King George had sent over Ipods, Lattes, recreational drugs, and the Sunday NY Times magazine, they could have seen how embarrassing their illusions were, and just kowtowed.

    Now you can do it for them.

  5. Matt Davies

    @ Bulldog and Artisan: I find the tea partiers self-referential comparisons to the original Boston tea party, John Adams and Paul Revere et al to be more of an amusing vanity than an accurate historical paralleling. Demanding an end to taxation without representation is vastly different than wanting representation without taxation.
    Interestingly the current administration has cut federal taxes for the “bottom 95%” of American earners which one would think should please the Tea Partiers. It certainly pleases me.
    During the past eight years the previous administration grew our deficit and we heard nary a peep from the right, and now all of a sudden there is raging anger at the very same deficit. The previous administration championed a massively expensive prescription drug bill without even considering how to pay for it. The same for the two wars it started and the Wall Street bailout it engineered. The current administration is definitely not afraid of spending either, but has at least attempted to show how we pay for its massive overhaul of our previously unsustainable health care system. Therefore one can only surmise that there is more to the tea party movement’s ire than taxes, spending and balancing budgets.

  6. good People

    No signs here. Except the leftovers. Astute Blogger. ASIDE: TEA PARTIERS WERE CLEAN AND RULY – UNLIKE OBAMA’S ROWDY, RUDE AND FILTHY CROWD. Instapundit’s finding.

    “I’ll tell you what I find impressive. I’m watching the Fox news video about 15 minutes after the end of the event. The crowd has thinned out enough that you can see the ground and there is not a speck of trash on the grass. Absolutely clean. To contrast, google ‘pictures of litter on the mall after the inauguration.’”

  7. ossiningguy

    This cartoon is assinine. Can liberals be that obtuse? It’s not about not having any taxes at all – of course we need things like sewers, highways, garbage cleanup, etc. The problem is taxes keep going up while services deteriorate, entrenched government representatives and employees use us citizens as an ATM and, thanks to public employee unions and gerrymandering, there’s nothing we can do about it. Duh. Did this guy Davies intellectual growth end when he was in 6th grade?

  8. Bulldog

    My point exactly good people. The people who litter Rockland
    Lake every weekend are ALL obama supporters. What slobs!!!
    Matt, my net income in my pay check has gone down twice since obama took over. I guess i should use your payroll person. Oh yea, i don’t make even close to 250,000 a year
    so something is wrong somewhere.

  9. LPC68

    Anyone who believes the rhetoric that Mr. Obama has cut taxes for 95% of the nation will not be persuaded to the contrary. There is no factual basis for the administration’s representation to that effect. All Mr. Obama has done is increase the handouts instead of doing something to actually create jobs. What the contrary needs is employment, not a disincentive to work.

  10. Canisius

    Davies is an idealogue like most of the white liberals in Westchester they will not tolerate resistance to the regime in DC. They share Obama’s view that the country is fundamentally wrong on all levels. They detest traditional notions of family and right and wrong, they are morally bankrupt on all levels, and would love nothing more than to see us in camps. Luckily most of us are armed, because believe me a civil war is coming to this country. I for one will cheer when every last vestage of liberal power from the media, to government, to the university is incinerated. Here’s to civil strife and the overthrow the progressive agenda…

  11. Jeff B.

    @ Matt Davies-
    I’m not sure where you stand on your politics, some cartoons seem towards the Left and some seem Moderate,a few seem towards the Right. I consider myself to be Moderate/Right. I agree with your synposis of the current “Tea Parties.” I also agree that these Parties are nothing like the original in Boston, but a movement of a simplistic resistance. I would love to be apart of a movement that consists of “taxation without representation.” From my understanding, that is what the “White Plains Tea Parties” are about and hope to see them first hand. If I see any of the racist, bigot crap other “Tea Parties” are pulling, then I’m out. Sadly rightwinged individuals are indeed linked with racism, but I believe the “good” people should part from them and start another movement…

  12. Bulldog

    Just FYI Jeff B. if you look at Matt’s cartoons everyday
    his political view points are clearly to the left. His
    style of drawing is what attracts me to look at this blog
    everyday. His drawings resemble quite a bit the characters
    that he portray’s for that day. He is always on top of the
    current political events i just wish he was more fair and balanced. I consider myself more to the right also but just
    the same i’m still a big Matt Davies fan and look forward to his next cartoon everyday.

  13. TJ

    Show me the discarded signs…show me the pictures…. Matt has imagined another situation in his perverted “mind”...

  14. John B. Pierce

    Here’s hoping the Teabaggers weren’t unhappy about paying their nasty ol’ repressive taxes to (a) use public facilities to throw their hissy-fits about taxes and (ii) pay the gummint-provided custodians for cleaning up after ‘em.

    No? Then next time, have your cute protests on PRIVATE property, and clean up after yourselves, you crybaby freeloaders!

  15. Gregory Tart

    Well, all you need to know about Matt Davies is what he says in the last line of his explanation of his cartoon-”one can only surmise that there is more to the tea party movement’s ire” – meaning that Tea Party people are racists, rubes, homophobes et cetera. He can not understand that people could be afraid of the national debt, or upset that medicare is being gutted after they have paid into their entire life. Davies works for Gannett which skims its shareholders to publish a rag, it loses money and yet Davies has a job—and he has the nerve to insult tea party people as loafers.

  16. boatcat

    Matt like you Herb ( THE GUY WHO WRITES EDITORIALS LIKE A a member of the black panter party,,)Henry, and Mike are in the bottom 5 % of income earners??\\
    and 40 n% Pay no forkn tax …....

  17. boatcat

    And gee I read the reports of the Tea Party Events and not one word of litter like at the Liberal events…

    and there is more wast and Litter your Rag for one blowing in the wind on any day at Gannet Drive…. OH wait thats right you don’t Publish the paper any more…..

  18. Artisan33


    not having been here for the old America of the 1950’s-1970’s you cannot see the present with the parallax clarity I’m forced to endure as I age.

    In the Hudson Valley alone, tens of thousands of solid tax-paying industrial jobs supported both a law abiding , patriotic, and charitable working class, and a nearby not-so-elevated managerial class largely risen out of the ranks. Towns, not having to pay for the ill-conceived familyless spawn of recreational sex and welfare subsistence as a mock “lifestyle”, were able to meet domestic infrastructure needs within non-threatening budgets. Snow was plowed, police made reasonable salaries, garbage was collected, and a clever social ruse was utilized to keep the people happy.

    The ruse was the coincidence of patriotism and religion, bonding the yeomanry to the commonweal with what Lincoln termed the “mystic bonds of memory”. Real or not in their external mythos, these ties were very real inside each person, and provided a daily joy just being part of something exceptional, as we were told that America indeed was.

    With the vivid memory of having bonded, banded together and defeated the most evil of enemies in concert with admiring and dependent allies, saving the wretched of Auschwitz by our common blood & death in battle, we stood together thinking of life as a wonderful reward we were being given by our creator for having been good men, and shown resolve, and won out for all humanity.

    Against this, your pale, bloodless recital of the bureaucratic shortfalls of Obama’s “revenge America” can bear no weight, it is light as a peeling scab, blown in the wind.

    Do not compare my America to “yours” by pointing out GW Bush. My yardstick is Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, FDR, and Ike.

    You arrived in 1983,along with the less than truly worthy throngs of Ted Kennedy’s “Open Borders” initiative, and what we Americans had, began to be stolen from us.

    You personally steal a bit more of it each time your socialist schadenfreude misrepresents our nobility, which never needed questioning until now, as some sort of delusion. Do not underestimate the right. I have been largely apolitical all my life, but I begin to sense my country needs me.

    Nice talking to you.

    By the way, what made you turn tail on the UK?

  19. over-taxed

    Yup Matt, you’re on target as usual, no Taxes too high – the sky’s the limit! We should just keep paying and paying and SHUT UP, especially those of us in Westchester cause we’re all rich, right?! There’s no waste, the politicians don’t spend whatever the hell they want and Obama has never and will never raise any tax or fee. Umm, except those in the 3000 page health care bill, the phony Stimulus Bill, cap and trade, fees, more taxes on corporations (which gets passed to the consumer) etc. etc. etc. The $800 “making work pay” is not going to go far when the other taxes and fees kick in! And don’t doubt that they’re coming, and you know that $250K for a family in Westchester is not RICH! Just because we didn’t rally in the last few years of G.W. Bush and the over-spending liberal Congress 2006 – present, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t now that Obama is tripling what they left behind! We’re all racist, sexist, bigot, intolerant littering homophobes, right Matt?

  20. over-taxed

    nice nickname you used to refer to grandparents, moms and other everyeday Americans, John B. Pierce… makes you sound refined, tolerant and quite classy!

  21. Artisan33

    Actually it was “mystic cords of memory”....Same thing….an emotional bond.

  22. Alphonse

    Last time I checked, most of our local taxes go to police making six figures or into the coffers of special interests while our federal taxes go to paying interest on $12 trillion of debt (which we borrow from China/Japan).

    Wake up liberals. And stop using our name. True liberals want personal freedom (including the right to own guns and form militias) and limited government. If you want government to run every aspect of your life you are a communist!

  23. AJ

    Hey, let’s give Matt a break. I actually think he’s coming around on the Tea Parties. Because about a month ago, his cartoon probably would have depicted the Tea Partiers savagely beating the government worker who came to clean up their garbage. Now he only depicts them as litterbugs.

    Way to go Matt! You’ll be at a rally in no time at this rate. Center, here he comes!

  24. McGriff

    I think you are missing the entire point of the cartoon, AJ. Look a little harder.

  25. Political Irony › Sweeping Generalizations

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  27. AJ

    Yes, thank you McGriff, I understand the “irony” of the tea partiers protesting BIG government and then here comes poor old little government worker out to do the thankless dirty work for those ignorant tea partiers.

  28. Boatcat

    Re Matt Davies’ April 16 editorial cartoon on the aftermath of a tea party rally:

    This cartoon is particularly inaccurate as it portrays tea party protesters as litterers, and lo and behold, tax-supported municipal workers (paid with tax money) are cleaning up the mess. Oh, how perceptive! How ironic is this observation. The problem is that it is completely erroneous and the careless smear is not appreciated. Next time, why not show up and see the story before bringing a bias to the paper?

    At the County Center, according to police, 1,000 to 1,500 people passed through the rally. Organizers passed out more than 1,000 flyers and 1,000 copies of the Constitution. At the end, there was not one piece of litter visible anywhere on the ground. Nada, zilch, zero. In fact, I personally broke down two cardboard boxes and placed them in a large plastic pail that had a few empty water bottles at the bottom. Nothing was left for ground staff to clean up.

    Usually, that is hardly the case when large protest rallies are held by the other side. But I doubt that the cartoonist would ever comment on that. I think that your cartoonist should be held a little more accountable by your paper before giving his wonderful opinion.

    Gene Tullio


  29. McGriff

    I think the black-and-white, non-nuanced thinking exhibited by Bobcat above is the biggest threat the American democracy faces today. The people who can only see what is on the plate in front of them and nothing else — always missing the big picture — are easily led around like sheep. And there are plenty of people out there who want to use them for their own gains.

  30. boat cat

    Matt Davies’ April 16 cartoon, which followed the Tax Day Tea Parties, was way off the mark. It is obvious that Mr. Davies has never been to a Tea Party event, where people are well-mannered, friendly, outgoing. They are angry at the fact that our great nation is listing to port, our government is bent on socializing our industries and financial institutions and is placing an enormous burden of debt on future generations by insisting on government-run health care.

    I have attended numerous Tea Party events this past year and have never witnessed a need for the Department of Public Works to clean up after a rally, other than empty the trash cans, which is their normal duty.

    Mr. Davies must have had Woodstock in mind when he did an “After the Tea Party Protest” jig.

  31. boat cat


    another Kool aid drinking , Coke sniffing Lib right???

    Gee all we want is to cut our Taxes, no more free ride for people who can but will not work… and special interest groups like the unions…..

  32. McGriff

    Hint to bob cat and Bobcat (although you are probably the same person and just typoed your own name): This cartoon is not about littering.




    I see if we protest Taxes and Big Government that is bad

    but Lawless lowflife can do anything and protest and thats good..

  34. B Mazz

    I know you think you’re clever in your 4/25 cartoon depicting Hilter with an Arizona Immigration Law badge, but unless you’re referring to the Third Reich, any reference alluding to Nazism and the Arizona immigration law reveals (choose one)

    A.An abject ignorance of history or
    B.A complete disregard of historical fact
    C.An ideological bias that’s beyond comprehension or
    D.Intellectual indolence in the extreme
    E.All of the above

    Why is it whenever the far left wants to verbally “tar & feather” those they disagree with they resort to one of two terms—they accuse people of being either racists or Nazis.

    To compare the new Arizona immigration law to what occurred in Nazi Germany during the nineteen-thirties and forties is not only patently dishonest, it’s an enormous insult to the millions who were tortured and murdered by Hitler’s SS.

    In 1939, after the invasion of Poland, Hitler told Hans Frank, the man who would oversee the Nazi occupation in that Eastern European nation, to “exploit the region as a war zone and reduce to a heap of rubble its economic, social, cultural and political culture.” He also ordered Frank, who, as an aside, was also his personal lawyer, to “do away with” of all people of influence, i.e. teachers, priests, landowners, politicians, lawyers and artists.

    When the Nazis invaded Poland, 860,000 Poles were uprooted and resettled while 75,000 Germans took over their lands. 1,300,000 were sent to Germany as slave labor and 330,000 were simply shot.

    You may want to read up on history before commenting on things you don’t know

  35. Artisan33

    I’m often asked for picture ID when I buy a simple bottle of Chablis.

    It doesn’t hurt, and I’m not insulted (even though I’m half a century past being underage).

    It would only hurt if I lacked the ID card, or were indeed not allowed to legally purchase. To lack the card, I would have had to be absent from America for the last 60 years. To be not allowed to legally purchase, I would have to possess some innate personal flaw, like insanity, extreme youth, or conviction on multiple felonies.

    Thus I stand victim of “Legality Profiling”.

    If I’m not legally allowed, and the clerk cards me,
    should I hold a damn rally?

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