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I Think I Can, I Think I Can


Watching the outmoded NY State workers’ union leaders demonize Governor Paterson because he is going to furlough them makes me wince a little. I understand it’s all still political theater for them, but considering the dire condition of the State’s finances (due purely to the lousy state of NY’s private sector) it looks really silly when you beat on the person who is not firing you.

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5 Responses to “I Think I Can, I Think I Can”

  1. Steve C.

    HAH i guess government officials dont like it when they are put on leave without pay. Let them know this has been the case for US citizens now for years. Allowing Corp america to offshore the work and not Hire Americans.
    Be lucky you still have a job to go back to.. many dont..
    Maybe they will actually do their job, oh wait they are millionares going on furlough means they dont get their mad money from the tax payers.. wish i had mad money..

  2. Endorsement, compromise, furloughs, Shahzad | Opinion Exchange

    [...] • Matt Davies comments on Gov. David Paterson’s proposal to furlough state workers one day a week until a budget deal can be reached in today’s cartoon. [...]

  3. westchester

    So maybe you’ll concede that the tea party people may have a point? These overly genorous pension plans, salaries, lifetime job security, not to metion the gaming of the system with overtime, has just gotten a teensy bit out of control and we can’t afford it any more?

  4. Melanie

    I normally agree with Matt Davies’ cartoons, but he is way off on this one. State employees make much less than employees in the private sector and now the governor is trying to cut pay 24%. How many of you would give up 24% of your pay so the legislature has an excuse to continue their incompetence and not pass a budget?

    To Steve C: millionaires? How do you get the idea that the state pays people millions? Please find the state job that pays so well so I can apply for it.

    To westchester: The excessive overtime relates primarily to corrections, police, and nurses. Most state agencies do not offer overtime.

  5. Jazzman

    Would this be the private sector that caused the train wreck to begin with?

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