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Oh Chute


This entry was posted on Tuesday, October 26th, 2010 at 9:49 am by Matt Davies. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed.
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7 Responses to “Oh Chute”

  1. jp

    Excellent, Matt!

    Did you catch Matt Taibi’s screed in last week’s Rolling Stone? Just wondering…


  2. Dennis

    Great Matt, you hit the bullseye as it speaks to all our self interests.

    As a complement to “Oh Chute” here is a suggestion to all … read Atlantic Monthly article – “Where is Honor in America.”


  3. Gary Pretlow, Nita Lowey, Eliot Engel and Eric Schneiderman | Opinion Exchange

    [...] Voters: Cartoon Matt Davies imagines 2010 voters as parachutists from a crashing plane in Tuesday’s cartoon. [...]

  4. Sage on the Hudson

    Joe Average Voter: chooses free-fall due to Republican-Tea Party-promoted appeal of word “free” (as in no taxes, no government, no responsibility, no health-care, etc.)

  5. Gregory Tart

    Yes, very clever- I mean it, but

    Low interest rates kill savers. And only venture capitalists in Westport can get any loans:

    The stimulus only saved state and local governments from making hard choices until next year- but unions vote democratic

    Healthcare reform will mean that 1970’s technology will be allowed for any one not rich

    Though Unemployment benefits are a good idea.

  6. nooyawker319

    You forgot to add the cement shoes that reads DEBT and he should be landing on a big bear trap that reads INTEREST.

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