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As The Founders Intended


This entry was posted on Thursday, October 28th, 2010 at 11:29 am by Matt Davies. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed.
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10 Responses to “As The Founders Intended”

  1. John Hall, Jim Borkowski, friends of the GOP and yard signs and political junk mail | Opinion Exchange

    [...] Friends of the GOP: Cartoon Matt Davies comments on the Republican Party’s ties to the banking, insurance and energy industries. [...]

  2. John B. Pierce

    Hey, yeah. Isn’t the Private Sector just spiffy? I mean, they get bailed out (mostly by the Bush admin.), and their gratitude is… They don’t hire anybody, they jack up prices, and they expect even MORE Gummint sugar, at taxpayer expense. Yup. Just like our founding fathers intended, huh?

  3. Boatcat

    Ok Matt several questions. JP (I AM NOT JACK) there will be spelling mistakes and grammar mistakes but not fact mistakes or lies like you progressives like to use….

    Who received more money from Wall Street people???? That would be Barry….
    Who received sweetheart Mortgages and kick backs from them???
    That would be Chris Dodd and the Banking Queen Barney Frank……
    And who made Millions from freedi and Fannie But fudging the books and when Republicans call for hearing who called them racist because we all know he is doing a fine job has Freeedi and Fannie head?
    That would be frankly Raines and Johnson and the racist rep max waters….
    And as a side note the Racist gen Holder refused to go after him……

    And who will make Billions from the Scam Global Climate change? \\
    That would be NBC/GE and ALGORE……..

    And matt the words WE THE PEOPLE were written on a little piece of paper July 4 1776 right when we ran the last English King out of America….. We the people this time we will run the Progressive savior and his thugs out of power….

  4. jp

    Actually, “not fact mistakes or lies” Boatcat…

    The document published on July 4th 1776 says:

    “In Congrefs…”

    ...NOT “we the people”. The latter is the opening of the US Constitution, which came many years later.

    Just sayin’...


  5. Sage on the Hudson

    That’s right, JP, and before it goes into the minutiae of how government is to be organized, the Preamble to said Constitution enumerates the key REASONS for the founding of the United States. Among those reasons are to “establish Justice” and “promote the General Welfare,” neither of which was meant to provide aid and comfort to corporations ahead of ordinary citizens.

  6. John B. Pierce

    Bloatcat? Ever heard of facts? (As well as a dictionary, a history book, an encyclopedia set, even a Farmer’s Almanac?)

    The UNITED States of America was founded as a democratic republic, ruled by the Constitution that was painfully ratified in 1791 (after declaring independence from England in 1776 and defeating King George III’s forces in 1781). Nowhere in the Constitution does it suggest we owe the corporations anything more than we owe the churches or any other private institution.

    The fact that you’re too lazy/ignorant/indifferent to bother checking your facts, or to even attempt using proper spelling and grammar in your idiotic rants, fails to impress me as someone whose well-researched opinions I need to respect. (I merely enjoy an Associate of Arts in communications; couldn’t afford to go any further with my college experience… And yet, I try valiantly to have some grasp of what I’m talking about, and try equally to express myself intelligently!)

    The Constitution also gives us all the right to be moronic puppets of Big Business. But it doesn’t mean I have to agree with your flaming ignorance. Should your “friends” in the T.E.A. party crowd be successful come Tuesday I boldly predict you will most certainly RUE THE DAY they take over and outright destroy our country. (Based on their own statements and their blatant ignorance of how a democratic republic works, it’s hardly an exaggeration when I say that they will destroy our country!)

    Let the buyer beware. And make sure you don’t dare protest your “friends” actions, either—unless you like getting your head stomped.

  7. Gregory Tart

    Matt you really have to develop new themes- how about a cartoon showing how all those venture capital firms like Carlye Group, are getting money next to nothing courtesy of Obama and the fed, and how much they stand to make from all that stimulus cash for green energy; or that Oak Investment Partners owns both the Huffington Post and Athena Healhcare, poised to make a killing on medical records——

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  9. Lucky

    This “free sharing” of inortmaoifn seems too good to be true. Like communism.

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