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I grudgingly drew this to accompany The Journal News’s endorsement of Andrew Cuomo for Governor. I originally agreed to do some type of illustration, but ended up doing a slightly gun-jumping editorial cartoon (although nobody thinks Paladino is going to pull any upsets.) “Grudgingly” I heard you ask? I personally would LOVE to see a Governor Paladino. His simplistic “were gonna cut” policies coupled with his theatrically brusque, but thin-skinned personality would create instant chaos, strikes, government and service shutdowns, you name it. As a NY cartoonist I heartily endorse that sort of thing – and with it, Carl Paladino.

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3 Responses to “Wrenching”

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    [...] Andrew Cuomo: Cartoon Matt Davies comments on the gubernatorial candidacy of state Attorney General Andrew Cuomo. [...]

  2. Topgunner

    Yes, Matt, every comedian, cartoonist, essayist and humorist would like to see Carl Paladino win election. The rest of us live in fear that this crazy person could garner even one vote; let alone be supported by 30% of the electorate.

    By the way, the T-shirt should read “Cuomo sewer repair”.


  3. AJ

    Like Cumo is innocent in all of this. Just like Obama before he took the Presidency and voted for all those spending bills as a member of the Senate, the media is going to give Cuomo a pass as though he had nothing to do with the cratering economy. Yet, as head of HUD in 2000 he was a PRIME contributor to the bullying of banks by the government to make more and more bad loans in the name of progressive fairness to make sure everyone who wanted a house could have one.

    New York Stae is finished. It’s a race to obscurity between California and New York.

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