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Over A Barrel


This entry was posted on Thursday, November 4th, 2010 at 10:53 am by Matt Davies. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed.
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16 Responses to “Over A Barrel”

  1. Sara M.

    What a ripoff of Delonas’ cartoon of a day earlier.


  2. Matt Davies

    I honestly don’t often get to see Sean’s cartoons, but even if I had seen that one (which I hadn’t) that’s quite a stretch, Sara.

  3. Sara M.

    Exact same concept. Victor in an election defeats one opponent only to have much bigger problem standing behind him, to deal with after the election.

    And I find it very, very hard to believe Matt doesn’t see what his peers in the NY press are doing on a regular basis, especially considering how few in-house cartoonists are left in the area.

  4. The Liberal Traveler

    Sara, that’s a huge stretch. Delonas’ cartoon shows Cuomo defeating one obstacle then moving onto the next.

    Matt’s cartoon shows the GOP obstructing the president, rather than working with him on a problem they both face.

  5. Matt Davies

    Sara, it’s true. I deliberately don’t look at others’ work for the very reason that I don’t want to be influenced by anyone else. Sometimes two cartoonists can bump into the same idea by chance, but ripping off others publicly is idiotic, and doesn’t keep you in business for long in this field.

  6. Matt Davies

    Hmm. I just took a look, and beyond rudimentary use of a looming Deficit – the concept and meaning of the cartoons is completely different. Are you sure you are paying attention, Sara M?

  7. Pete

    SM, that’s not even close.

  8. Percy Bert

    Sara M. is bitter – see any one of her past posts for evidence. She has a bone to pick with life, apparently.
    Pay her no mind.

  9. Clay Jones

    I’ve known Matt for a while and he is the most wary cartoonist I know of about doing obvious ideas. It’s hard to phrase it the way I want to, but the guy doesn’t even like doing the same KIND of cartoons as other editorial cartoonists. He wouldn’t steal one.

    I think it’s OK for you to insult Matt…but questioning his ethics is a new low. It shows you don’t know the guy.

  10. jp

    This situation is what’s known as “a Yahtzee” and, somewhat surprisingly, it happens quite frequently amongst editorial cartoonists. I don’t know if it’s a case of “all great minds think alike”, or “the minds of fools seldom differ”. In either case…


  11. Matt Davies

    jp – True, except in this particular case, to the un-addled mind the cartoons are very different in content, message and execution, though.

  12. John B. Pierce

    “Friendly” fire, all the way around?

  13. Matt Marino

    Ok, now I am sure that idioterexia is sweeping the country. Seems as thought Sara and lots of others in this country have completely given up on rational thought.

  14. Steve C.

    The debt could be paid off. we have enough billionaires and millionaires and tax payers to do it in one fell swoop.
    as long as a tax break were given after the one big hit.
    The issue is auditing of what we actually owe and what other countries actually owe us.

    As for the bail outs. the taxpayers should have been given the money to pay off the loans. this way everyone would have won.

    But neither democrat nor republican wanted that because it meant that their buddies in corp. america that off shore the work.. wouldnt get a raise on us.

  15. Sage on the Hudson

    It’s called MUTINY, Matt.

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