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All Grown Up


Okay, so the new Governor didn’t exactly grow up in the Gov’s mansion, but allow me a little artistic license….

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5 Responses to “All Grown Up”

  1. Election 2010, David Carlucci and Andrew Cuomo | Opinion Exchange

    [...] Andrew Cuomo: Cartoon Matt Davies comments on Gov.-elect Andrew Cuomo’s relationship with the state Legislature in today’s cartoon. [...]

  2. Gregory Tart

    That’s okay Matt, when have facts ever mattered in your cartoons—Cuomo will fail miserably – he’s too busy trying to get away from his roots and be a good west side, Westport liberal

  3. John B. Pierce

    We could be so lucky here in California… Ever since Gov. Jerry Brown’s first tenure in Sacramento back in the 70s, we haven’t had the extravagance of an official governor’s mansion. (BTW, I proudly voted FOR him this election. Suck on THAT, Megabucks Whitman!)

  4. Sage on the Hudson

    You got it wrong, Matt: the Legislature hasn’t remained stuck at the same immature size, they’ve actually managed to SHRINK to an even lower level of immaturity.

    And they’ve managed to soil not only their own diapers, but everything they touch.

    The New York Legislature: Democratic and Republican Potties, but not potty-trained.

  5. rocky

    A nice cartoon of Andrew at HUD would be apropriate now..picture this: a working man with a sporadic paycheck, a tax return of $25000 a year, and a lender with no backbone, but all the confidence of the US treasury and what do we have? FORECLOSURE

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